Modular Local Kitchens

Modular Local Kitchen
Rubi Kitchen Set
Modular Local Kitchen
Venice Kitchen Set
Modular Local Kitchen
Hensel Kitchen Set
Modular Local Kitchen
Robust Kitchen Set
Modular Local Kitchen
Giorgetti Kitchen Set
About the manufacturer

All our Modular Local Kitchens are manufactured in our factory. We are committed to provide a high quality kitchen at an affordable price for our customers. With over 69 years of experience in manufacturing kitchens, we ensure that our customers get what they want in a cost-effective manner.

We do not believe in pricing people to get a new kitchen nor do we want to offer cheap products that will need replacing in a couple of years.

Benefits of Metal Kitchen

Time Saving
The process of manufacturing modular kitchens are less time-intensive in comparisons to other carpentry suppliers in Mauritius. TFP Cuisine, also allows for civil work to proceed at the site simultaneously which saves a considerable amount of time.

Better Finishing
We normally laminate the board (MDF or MDP) under a hydraulic or pneumatic press. This ensure a level surface without the possibility of the formation of air bubbles between the laminate sheet and the substrate board. This process ensures a more consistent finish to the look of your kitchen interior design.

Fixation of Granite & Quartz
Normally, we advise our customers to purchase their granite or quartz top from local suppliers and we fix them according to their needs. Contact our experts for more details.

Durable & Solid
Durability is a trait that our customers desire more and more. Since people are staying in their homes longer, they’re using their kitchen more for an extended time period. So, long-lasting kitchen elements are a necessity for home owners interested in staying in their house for years to come.

Investing in quality materials will keep you from having to replace cheap, fading kitchen components. Not only that, but durable options save you from feeling like you should be extremely cautious when performing routine kitchen tasks, such as cooking or cleaning.

Made in Mauritius
The cuisine modules are manufactured by highly qualified and experience workers in our factory based at Wooton.

Resistant to Pest
Nothing will make you lose your appetite faster than finding bugs in your pantry or flying around your fruit bowl. Our plywood kitchens are pest resistant.

What's so great about Modular Local Kitchen

Plywood Acrylic, Medium Density Fibre Board And Aluminium kitchen

Set an appointment with our kitchen expert Mrs. Shamina on WhatsApp at 59688728 – Just a click away!

We normally proceed with kitchen delivery and installation within 7 – 10 days of purchase.

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Quality and customer satisfaction is a priority to us at If your kitchen furniture develops a fault once it has been fitted and it’s still under one year, you can contact us for help.

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