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About the manufacturer

We have a variety of different designs and models in steel which are available on our website. However, you’ll find more models in store at Eau Coulee.

Our steel kitchens are designed with the latest trends of furniture in the world. The designs speak for themselves.

Benefits of Metal Kitchen

An ever-lasting durability
Our steel kitchens are manufactured of carbon steel with electrostatic painting on the surface. Moreover, the same quality is being used and technology which most cars, ovens and refrigerators are made of and have the same durability.

Wary of insects? Say no more
Insects do not find food in the steel and the bacteria cannot settle on the smooth surface. All thanks to the electrostatic paint system developed and specified by the technical staff of our suppliers.

Hygiene is top priority
Our steel kitchens have no porosity due to the powder coating applied at 200 degrees. This results in a smooth surface that is very easily cleaned. Dirt and bacteria cannot accumulate on the surface of our kitchens.

Non-flammable safety cabinets
Our steel kitchen does not propagate flames, so it is a safer option to consider for your homes, apartments or even in commercial spaces.

Stay safe
Our steel kitchens are designed with rounded edges and mounted without screws resulting in a perfect finish, no elements or corners that could cause accidents.

Humidity resistant
Its non-porous surface hinders the absorption of water, avoiding deformation in the material making the steel kitchen the perfect solution for high humidity regions.

What's so great about Steel Kitchen

Carbon steel with electrostatic painting.

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