100% Customized Kitchens

Bring out the best in your cooking space with our help!

TFP Cuisine can help you transform your cooking area by designing and building new custom kitchen cabinets. In addition to enhancing the value and functionality of your property, our custom cabinets provide a unique opportunity to give your space your own personal touch that will stand the test of time. As the top custom kitchen cabinet company in Mauritius, TFP Cuisine is your strongest ally on the path to a stylish and practical cooking space.

Our custom kitchen cabinet builders steer clear of cookie-cutter solutions and view each project as an opportunity to showcase our skills and impress our clientele. Over the course of more than 40 years of industry presence, we’ve refined our approach to consistently deliver state-of-the-art results that meet and exceed our customers’ expectations.

100% Customized Kitchens
1. Plywood Kitchens
100% Customized Kitchens
100% Customized Kitchens
100% Customized Kitchens
100% Customized Kitchens
2. MDF Kitchens
100% Customized Kitchens
100% Customized Kitchens
100% Customized Kitchens
100% Customized Kitchens
About the manufacturer

All our customized kitchens are manufactured by TFP Cuisine, an experienced furniture manufacturer since 1985. Our factory covers over an area of 20,000 square meters ,with a team of 85 staffs, owning top advanced processing equipment from around the world. We have the capacity of producing and delivery over 700 customers per month. Our effective inspiriting mechanism and business culture has been encouraging everyone at TFP Cuisine greater passion and better sense of customer services. We serve you with both of our profession, passion, love and best wishes for your life.

We grow up together, we achieve much success together and we believe we will build a better future and a better world together. A better idea inspires a better life.

Benefits of Customized Kitchen

Customize as per your Budget
This method allows you to choose and customize your dream kitchen as per your budget. In other words, a client has freedom to add, remove or modify kitchen according to this budget.

Durable and Resistant
Durability is a trait that our customers desire more and more. Since people are staying in their homes longer, they’re using their kitchen more for an extended time period. So, long-lasting kitchen elements are a necessity for home owners interested in staying in their house for years to come.

Investing in quality materials will keep you from having to replace cheap, fading kitchen components. Not only that, but durable options save you from feeling like you should be extremely cautious when performing routine kitchen tasks, such as cooking or cleaning.

High storage capacity as per your needs
Customized kitchens offers more provisions and thus maximum storage capacity. Major advantage of the customization is that you can decide on the storage as per the family’s needs. In fact, you can increase or decrease the space and cabins as per your budgets.

Normally, customized kitchens have lower and upper cabinets, designed to enhance comfort and convenience. The large and heavy items can be stored in the lower cabinets whilst the items, which you need frequently, can be stored in the upper ones.

Fixation of granite and quartz
Normally, we advise our customers to purchase their granite or quartz top from local suppliers and we fix them according to their needs.

Add facilities as per your choice
Customization offers better chances for you to add more facilities for your convenience. For instance, a breakfast counter would serve your needs; at the same time, if it does matches with the overall theme, it could enhance the interiors look. Likewise, many things can be added to a customized kitchen without affecting the core theme.

Utilize the whole space
Better and maximum space utilization is another advantage of customized kitchen. Considering the space limits in today’s world, it is not a point that everyone could easily ignore, mainly the urban populace.

Customized kitchen designs are prepared considering various aspects, the area measurements and floor plan are crucial parts in it. Therefore, even a small and narrow area can be shaped to a well-equipped and fully functional kitchen. The perfect usage a lofts and other cabinets helps to explore the whole space under the roof.